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Richa Nagar, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, University of Minnesota: "From Feminist Fieldwork to Collaborative Praxis: Lessons from Sangtin Yatra/Playing with Fire."

Rebecca Lave, Department of Geography, University of Indiana: “Neoliberalism and the Production of Environmental Knowledge”

Pavel Samonil, Mendel University and Department of Forest Ecology VUKOZ, Czech Republic: “Dynamics and disturbance history of natural forests in the Central Europe: forests, research questions, data and results”

JP Jones, University of Arizona, Department of Geography: “Politics of autonomous spaces”

Sandra Zupan, UK Department of Geography: “Enacting an Equitable Community Agenda: Exploring Community Strategies in Milwaukee’s Inner-City Redevelopment”

Krisen Monroe, UK Department of Anthropology, “Labor, Traffic, and the State: Meanings of Mobility in Beirut, Lebanon”

Hank Savitch, University of Louisville, Urban & Public Affairs, "Territory and Power: A Comparative Framework for Understanding Urban Development"

David Correia, American Studies, University of New Mexico: “On the Fugitive Properties of Natural Gas in Northern New Mexico”

Waite Osterkamp, Research Hydrologist, USGS Tucson

Martin Foys, English, Drew University : 'Rectifying the Real: Technological Bias and the Digital Mappaemundi Project'

Padraig Carmody, Trinity College, Dublin: 'Another Bric in the Wall?: South Africa's Developmental Impact on Sub-Saharan Africa'

Asef Bayat, U of Illinois Urbana-Champaign: 'Understanding the Arab Spring'

Stuart Elden, Geography, Durham University, Social Theory Lecture — 'Secure the Volume: Vertical Geopolitics and the Depth of Power'