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Raewyn Graham, University of Sydney, Horse Festivals: A celebration of community and human-animal relationships
Trushna Parekh, University of Kentucky, Geography
Dennis Pringle, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Searching for order in small numbers: a study of psychoses in South Ulster
Rob Kitchin, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Soft Cities: Software and the Remaking of the City
Micheline van Riemsdijk, University of Tennessee, Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Blue Card? Constructions of Skilled Migrants in the European Union
Nick Blomley, Simon Fraser University, Pedestrianism: public space and the logic of flow
Zhenming Wang, Kentucky Geological Survey, Earthquakes in Kentucky
Garrett Graddy, University of Kentucky, Geography, Situating in situ: A Critical Geography of Agro-biodiversity Conservation
Tom Mueller, University of Kentucky, Land Assessment with Geospatial Technologies
Songlin Fei, University of Kentucky, Applying modeling and mapping techniques in precision resource management
Julian Campbell, University of Kentucky, Academic Conservation of Nature at the University of Kentucky? Lessons from Robinson Forest and Griffith Woods
Kyle Evered, Michigan State University, Poppies are Democracy”: Ecologies & Geopolitics of Poppy Eradication & Reintroduction in Turkey
Jakob Crockett, University of South Carolina,"A Democracy of Goods": An Archaeology of Commodity Landscapes in Columbia, South Carolina
Bell Hooks, Berea College
Hsain Ilahiane, University of Kentucky, Repurposing the Institution of Waqf for the Sustainability of Information Technology Schemes in Morocco