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Richard Field, University of Nottingham, Modeling spatial biodiversity patterns
Risa Whitson, Ohio University, Crisis, Displacement and Managed Absence: Geographies of Informal Waste Collection in Buenos Aires
Richard Wilk (Social Theory Seminar), Indiana University, Anthroplogy and Gender Studies, The Morality of Drinking Bottled Water
Karen Till, Virginia Tech University, Spectral Ground in new Cities: Towards a memorial cartography of Cape Town
Lakshman Yapa, Penn State University, The End of Poverty: Is that Possible?
Susan Bordo (Social Theory Seminar), University of Kentucky, Gender and Women's Studies, Beyond 'Eating Disorders': Why we need to re-think
Joshua Gamson (Social Theory Seminar), University of San Francisco, Celebrity culture Old and New
Karl Raitz, Dick Gailbreath and Jeff Levy, University of Kentucky, Mapping Kentucky’s Frontier Road Alignments through Geographic Information and Cartographic Applications
Deborah Gewertz and Frederick Errington (Social Theory Seminar), Amherst College and Trinity College, Anthropology, One Supersize Does Not Fit All: Lamb Flap Versus Big Mac in the Politics of Personal Consumption
David Kaplan, Kent State University, Foreclosures and Mortgage Lending in a Local Context
Matthew Hilton (Social Theory Seminar), University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, History, Consumer activism in an Era of Globalisation
Caroline Nagel, University of South Carolina, Immigration, religion, and spaces of belonging in the South
Casten Lorz, Dresden University of Technology, Landscape Sciences and Geoecology, The Regolith-Continuum- a Key Compartment for Processes, Properties and Functions of Landscapes
Marshall Wilkinson, University of Kentucky, Soil bioturbation (not bioperturbation!): from Darwin to the present
Oliver Froehling, Universidad de la Tierra, Director, Centro de Dialogos y Encuentros Interculturales, Building barricades in the neoliberal world order: Repression and Social Movement in Oaxaca, Mexico
Wendy Larner, University of Bristol, Neoliberalism, Mike Moore and the WTO
Rebecca Lave, Indiana University, The Rosgen Wars and the Political Economy of Expertise
Mitch Snider, University of Kentucky, Being a man in Kentucky: Perspectives of Rural Migrant Workers
Stan Brunn, University of Kentucky, A Fulbrighter in Kazachstan: Where Old and New World Meet (Sometimes)
Ann Oberhauser, University of West Virginia, Globalizing Gender and Scale: Perspectives from Ghana
Elizabeth Povinelli (Social Theory Seminar), Columbia University, Department of Anthropology
Shawn Banasick, Kent State University
Mat Coleman, Ohio State University, Psychopathic Personality and Social Control: Homosexual Exclusion During the Cold War
Phil McManus, University of Sydney, Perceptions of environmental and reproductive issues among thoroughbred and standardbred breeders.