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Paul Adams, University of Texas, Spaces of the Word in Oral, Scribal and Print Societies

Jonathan Phillips, University of Kentucky, Geomorphic miracles in the arms of god

Susan Larson, University of Kentucky, Hispanic Studies.

Ted Schatski, University of Kentucky, Philosophy, On Time-space and social life

Clayton Rosari, Bowling Green University, Infrastructures of Feeling: Aspiration, Ecstasy, and Struggles for the Landscapes of Culture.

Anu Sabhlok, University of Louisville, How Gandhi saved my Greencard and other geographic readings of Gandhi

James Fox, University of Kentucky, Fine Sediment Source, Fate and Transport in Kentucky Watersheds

Joel Outtes, Rowan University, Society, Territory and Planning in Latin America and Elsewhere from a Global Comparative Perspective (1850-2007)

Edward Carr, University of South Carolina, What is Being Managed? Understanding Adaptations to Development, Environmental Change and Economic Uncertainty in Coastal Ghana

Becky Mansfield, Ohio State University, The Surprises of Property: Remaking Nature-Society Relations through Privatization

Nancy Ettinger, Ohio State University, Reframing the scale debate: unchaining the micro and rescaling cooperative politics

Morgan Robertson, University of Kentucky, She'll Be Right: Australian Neoliberalisms at Work in Environmental Credit Markets

David Zurick, Eastern Kentucky University, Landscape and imagination in the Himalaya

David Wilson, University of Illinois, Engineering Cities, the Global Trope, and African-American Poverty Spaces in America's Rust Belt.

Henri Grissino-Mayer, University of Tennessee, Historical Dendroarchaeology in the Southeastern U.S.: Human Nature Versus Mother Nature.