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Louise Crewe, Nottingham. Geography, Does shopping matter? Passion, possession and the production of meaningful consumption

UK Geographers, U.K. Geography, What I Did this Summer

Patrick Lawless, U.K. Geography, Floristic Biogeography of a Geographically Widespread Rock Outcrop Vegetation Type in eastern North America

Catherine Dolan, Northeastern University, Anthropology & Sociology, Fields of Obligation: Gender, Labor and the Politics of the Luxury Vegetable in Kenya

Sarah Lyon, U.K. Anthropology, Somos Cooperativistas: Strengthening Participatory Democracy in Rural Guatemala through Fair Trade Coffee Consumption

Jane Collins, Wisconsin, Madison. Sociology & Womens Studies, Do Commodity Chains have a Theory?

Walter Benn Michaels, University of Illinois-Chicago Circle. English, The Death of a Beautiful Woman: Memento and the Idea of Aesthetic Form

Joel Wainwright, OSU. Geography.

Peter Little, UK. Anthropology.

Sven Koppany, Department of Geography Clark University Wireless Philadephia: a geography of urban human-computer interaction

Jeff West,U.K. Geography, Negotiating Muslim Identity and Secular Politics: The Spatialities of Religion and State in Turkey's Adalet ve Kalkinma Partisi

Sue Roberts, U.K. Geography, Contradictions at the border: the case of US port security

Bruce D'Arcus, Miami, Ohio. Geography, Sovereignty, Law and the Spatial Architecture of Rights: The Exceptional Spaces of Extraordinary Rendition

Mary Thomas, OSU, We're all God's children: banal multiculturalism and racial-ethnic identification at a Los Angeles high school

Keiron Bailey, University of Arizona, Mileage runners, weedeaters and cyberhybridspaces: an actor-network investigation of the geographies of elite frequent fliers

Bert Winther-Tamaki, University of California, Irvine, The Transnational Genre of the Nude: Koide Narashige

Michael Samers, U.K. Geography, Situating Islamic banking and finance, building
postcolonial economic geographies

Carl Dahlman, Miami, Ohio.

Jim Duncan, Cambridge.

Amy Glasmeier, Semple Day Speaker: Department of Geography, Pennsylvania State University, Economic Opportunity in America: One Nation Pulling Apart

Youngmin Lee, Ewha Womans University, Globalization and Re-ethnicization of L.A. Koreatown: between Multiculturalism and Transnationalism