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Jonathan Phillips, U.K. Geography, Evolutionary Geomorphology: Thresholds and Nonlinearity in Landform Response to Environmental Change

S. Brunn, M. Marchman, Z. Musselman, and L. Phillips, U.K. Geography, "The Teaching Thunderbirds" or "What I taught last semester"

Karl Raitz, U.K. Geography, Rock Fences of the Bluegrass

Nick Clifford, School of Geography University of Nottingham, UK, Eco-hydraulics, River Management and River Restoration: Some Experiences in Combining Field Survey and Numerical Simulation

Don Mitchell, Department of Geography Syracuse University, Spaces No Longer of Struggle: Dead Labor and the Transformation of Nature in California's Imperial Valley

Jason Henderson, Department of Geography San Francisco State University,Secessionist Automobility: Racism, Anti-Urbanism, and the Spatial Politics of Automobility in Atlanta, Georgia

Anna Secor, U.K. Geography, Devlet baba ("Father State"), Space, and the Subject in Turkey

Marcia England, U.K. Geography, When Good Neighbors Go Bad: Territorial Geographies of Neighborhood Associations

Esther Long, Voice for Humanity, Adventures in Afghanistan: Civic Education, Small Media Communication, and Evaluation Research

Yuko Aoyama, Department of Geography Clark University Evolution of the Triad: Art, Technology, and Commerce in Video Games

Paul Lovelace, Nick Neices, and Andrew BerryGround-Truthing the Daniel Boone National Forest

David Nickell, West Kentucky Community and Technical College, Does 'Between the Rivers' Still Exist in the Land Between the Lakes: The Struggle for Cultural Legitimacy

Craig Colten, Semple Day Speaker: Department of Geography and Anthropology Louisiana State University, History of Flood Relief Projects in New Orleans

Masatomo Umitsu, Graduate School of Environmental Science, Nagoya University,Costal Landforms and Tsunami Disaster in Banda Aceh, Indonesia and the Andaman Sea Coast, Southern Thailand