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Jeff Keaton, AMEC Earth & Environmental,Soil stratigraphy and Surface-Water Hydrology of Part of the Hualapai Valley, Mohave County, Arizona

Amy Mills , University of Kentucky, The Practice and Imagination of Neighborhood Space in Istanbul, Turkey

Tad Mutersbaugh, University of Kentucky, A Brave New World of 'Harmony for Prosperity'? Theorizing the Local Consequences of Global Standards

Proinnsias Breathnach, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, The political Economy of the Celtic Tiger

Ellen Hostetter, University of Kentucky, The Emotions of Landscape: Anxiety and the Roadside Strip

Chris Pool, University of Kentucky, Constructing Government: Urban Spaces and Political Strategies in Ancient Veracruz, Mexico

Boyd Shearer, OutrageGIS, Inc., Mapping Recreation with GPS, GIS, and Cartographic Art

Francie Chassen-Lopez, University of Kentucky, From Liberal to Revolutionary Oaxaca: the View from the South, Mexico, 1867-1911

P. P. Karan, University of Kentucky, Environment and Development in the Himalayas

Michael Heffernan, University of Nottingham, UK Over There: The USA, France, and the Politics of Memory in the Early 20th Century

Viva Nordberg, University of Kentucky, What Goes Around, Comes Around: Metaphors in Geomorphology

Anne Chin, Texas A&M University, Urbanization Impacts on Dryland River Channels: Adjustments, Hazards, and Management Implications

Ken Lowrey, Wright State University, Real Estate Sales and the Residence of Sex Offenders

William "Drew" Andrews, University of Kentucky, Geologic Evolution of the Kentucky River Valley in the Bluegrass

Jeffery Clymer, University of Kentucky, The 1886 Chicago Haymarket Bombing and the Rhetoric of Terrorism in America

Jennifer Weisser, University of Kentucky, Micro Sacred Sites: The Spatial Pattern of Roadside Memorials in Warren County, Ohio

Innes Keighren, University of Edinburgh, UK, Miss Semple's 'Influences': A Study in the Historical Geography of Authorship, Publishing, and Reading