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Tom Mueller, University of Kentucky,Map quality for Site Specific Management

Richard Hasler , Rockefeller Resident Fellow, Community Based Wildlife Management in Zimbabwe and Botswana: Reflections from an Environmental Anthropologist

Keiko Tanaka, University of Kentucky, Network of Actions, Agency of Networks: The Case of New Zealand and South Africa in the Global Red Meat Chain

Basil Gomez, Indiana State University, Sediments as Recorders of Landscape Response to Late Holocene Environmental Change: Waipaoa River Basin, New Zealand

Jim Coffman, Kentucky Office of Geographic Information, The Commonwealth Map: Kentucky's Statewide Digital Basemap

Susan Carson Lambert, Governer's Office of Technology (Frankfort, KY), The Kentucky Landscape Snapshot

William H. Renwick, Miami University (Ohio), Millions of ponds! Distribution and Significance of Small Artificial Impoundments

Gillian Rose, Open University, Encountering Family Photographs: Domestic Spaces, Maternal Spaces

Andy Doolen, University of Kentucky, War, National Expansion, and the Geographies of Race in Early America

Andy JonesCommunity Organizing in Harlan County

Holly Barcus, Morehead State University, Aging, Migration and the "Elasticity" of Place in Eastern Kentucky

Mike Begin, University of Kentucky, Globalizaing Anastasia: Exoticism, Cyberspace, and the Post-Soviet Mail-Order Bride Market

Nalani Hennayake, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, Globalization from Within: Interplay of the Global and Local in Sri Lanka

Taro Futamura, University of Kentucky, Are We Where We Eat? Re-examining 'Local' Food and Commodification of Place

Esther Long, University of Kentucky, Between 'Ukraine' and 'the West': Ukrainian Protestants Negotiate a Transnational World

Andrew Leyshon, University of Nottingham, UK, Towards a Geography of Open Sources Software

Lassi Heininen, University of Lapland, Finland, Northern European Geopolitics and Security Policy

Shantha Hennayake, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, Nation: Is It Imagined or Imposed?

Dorothy Sack, Ohio University, Lake Bonneville and its Fluvial Connections