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Anna Secor, University of Kentucky, 'There is an Istanbul That Belongs to Me': Citizenship, Space and Identity in the City

Jonathan Phillips, University of Kentucky, I Just Wanna Testify... Laws, Locality, and Explanation in Geography

Mike Walls, University of Kentucky, GIS and its Application to Historical Geography

Marcia England, University of Kentucky, Public Privates

Andrew Leyshon, University of Nottingham, Scary Monsters? Software Formats, Peer-to-peer Networks and the Spectre of the Gift

Caroline Desbiens, University of Georgia, Producing North and South: A Political Geography of Hydro Development in Quebec

Tom Barnes, University of Kentucky, Exploring Kentucky's Last Great Places

Nicholas Dunning, University of Cincinnati, Birth and Death of Waters: Environmental Change, Adaptation, and Symbolism in the Maya Lowlands

Banu Gokariksel, University of Washington, Gendered Modernities: Geographies of Morality, Identity and the Veil

Deborah Thompson, University of Kentucky, Soundscapes of Appalachia: A Music Geography

Kathleen O'Reilly, University of Kentucky, Developing Contradictions: Women's Participation as a Site of Struggle within an Indian NGO

Wolfgang Zierhofer , Universitat Basel, The Unity of Difference: An Invitation to Breed Paradoxes and Social Systems with Niklas Luhmann

Bobby Ann MasonWriting Out of Kentucky

Tony Grubesic , University of Cincinnati, Spatial Implications of Wireless Fidelity (802.11b) Access