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Stanley Brunn, John Pickles, Richard Ulack, University of Kentucky, International Teaching Opportunities: Promises, Surprises, and Pitfalls

Keiron Bailey, University of Kentucky, Women at Work: English Language Learning, Gender Alterity and Social Transformation in Kanagawa, Japan

Josh Lepawsky, University of Kentucky, 'Digital Development'? Malaysia and the Multimedia Super Corridor

Scott Kirsch, University of North Carolina, John Wesley Powell, Geographical Solutions, and the Economy of Environmental Values

Tad Mutersbaugh, University of Iowa, The Number is the Beast: A Cultural Politics of Transnational Organic Coffee, Mexican Producer Unions, and Village Certification Inspectors

Kendra McSweeny, Ohio State University, Indigenous Micro-demographics and Landscape Change: Making the Link in the Lowland Neotropics

Chris Groves, Western Kentucky University, Carbonate Chemistry: Some Pretty Durn Useful Stuff

Linda Martin, University of Kentucky, Geomorphic Adjustments of Ozark Streams Due to Urbanization, Southwest Missouri

Jerry Baskin, University of Kentucky, Landscape and Vegetation of the Kentucky Karst Plain

Taro Futamura, University of Kentucky, Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) for Agro-Environmental Development in the Kansas High Plains: A Case Study of Kearny County

Maggie Walker, University of Kentucky, Mixtec Narratives: Perceptions of Poverty along the U.S.-Mexico Border

Mitch Rose, University of Nottingham, Heritage Under Siege: Narrative and Obscurity in the Village of Nazlat Essamman

Dydia DeLyser, Louisiana State University, How Tourists Haunt a Western Ghost Town