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Keiron Bailey, University of Kentucky, The Urban Resort in the Making: Power, Politics, and Urban Development in Honolulu

Deborah Dixon, East Carolina University, Cultivating Discourse

Matthew Kurtz, University of Kentucky, Sometimes Strangely Embedded Fellows: Researching The Development Of Economic Development Research Centers

Byron Miller, University of Cincinnati, Social Movements on the Head of Pin?

Katharyne Mitchell, University of Washington, Transnational Migration, Citizenship, and The Politics Of Space

Scott Salmon, Miami University, Rethinking Regeneration? Globalization, Accumulation Crises and the Search for a Local Fix

Boyd Shearer, University of Kentucky, A Douglas Park Documentary Project

Matthew Sparke, University of Washington, Cascadia As Palimpsest: Graphing the Geo of a Transborder Region

Ulf Strohmayer, University of Wales, Lampeter, Technology, Modernity and the Restructuring of the Present

Gary YoungeThe GuardianDown Freedom's Main Line: A Black Englishman's Journey Journey through the Deep South