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Elizabeth Barrett, Appalshop, and Judi Jennings, University of Louisville, Film/Work In Progress; 'Stranger with a Camera'

Susan Christopherson, Cornell University, Democracy Delayed or Democracy Denied: Market Liberalization and Political Reform in Mexico

Barbara Cellarius and Chad Staddon, University of Kentucky, Environmental Organizations and Civil Society in Bulgaria: Perspectives from Anthropology and Geography

Harry Cleaver, University of Texas, Austin, The Electronic Fabric of Struggle: Zapatista Subversion in Cyberspace

Alexander CockburnThe NationThe State of Environmental Movements in the United States

George Collier, Stanford University, The Zapatista Rebellion in Chiapas: Background and Prospects

Stuart Corbridge, Cambridge University, Forest Struggles, Forest Citizens, and Forest Protection in the Jharkhand, India, 1980-1995

Vincent DelCasino, University of Kentucky, Creating "Tourism Space": The Social Construction of Sex Tourism in Thailand.

James Duncan and Nancy Duncan, Syracuse University, The Suburban Wilderness

Piper Gaubatz, University of Massachusetts, The New Chinese City: Transformation and Change in the Urban Environment

Honorable Rob Haswell, Mayor of Pietermaritzburg SA, Rebuilding the South African City

Kris Miranne, University of Kentucky, The Social Organization of Sheltering and Space: Housing Independence among Older, African-American Women

Ron Mitchelson, Morehead State Department, Power and Empowerment: Revitalizing Rural America with Bill Clinton

Gearoid O Tuathail, Virginia Polytechnic University, Shadow Warriors and the Electronic Jury: Mexico, Chiapas, and the Geo-Economic Panopticon

Priya Rangan, University of Kentucky, Discourses and Realities of Common Property Resources

Miranda Schreurs, University of Maryland, Japanese Environmental Leadership: The Search for Global Mission

Stan Stevens, University of Massachusetts, Deforestation in the Mt. Everest Region