Ted Schatzki

  • Professor, Associate Dean of Faculty
  • Environmental and Sustainability Studies
  • Geography
  • Philosophy
  • Social Theory
257 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-5821
Research Interests:

Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley, 1986



Ted Schatzki is Senior Associate Dean (Dean of Faculty) in the College of Arts & Sciences, Professor of Philosophy and Geography, and the former Chair of the Department of Philosophy.  He is also the cofounder and former co-director of the University’s Committee on Social Theory, which oversees a multidisciplinary graduate-level teaching and research program in social thought. Schatzki earned a degree in applied mathematics from Harvard University (1977) and degrees in philosophy from Oxford University (1979) and UC Berkeley (1982, 1986).  His research and teaching interests lie in the theory of social life, including social ontology, theory of action, the philosophy of social science, and 20th-century continental philosophy.  He is the author of four books: Social Practices (1996), The Site of the Social (2002), Martin Heidegger: Theorist of Space (2007) and The Timespace of Human Activity (2010). In addition, he is author of numerous articles on Wittgenstein, Heidegger, and various topics in philosophy of action, social theory, and continental philosophy. Schatzki has been a research fellow of the Fulbright Commission and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. He has been a visiting professor or researcher at the University of Exeter, The Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin, the Karl-Franzens University in Graz, the Institute of Advanced Studies in Vienna, Lancaster University, the University of Zurich, and The Charles Sturt University in Australia.  As Senior Associate Dean of Faculty, Schatzki oversees all matters pertaining to faculty.



Selected Recent Articles

  • "Practice Theory as Flat Ontology," forthcoming in Praxistheorie. Ein Forschungsprogramm, Helmut Schaefer (ed), Bielefeld, transcript.
  • "Practices, Governance, and Sustainability," forthcoming in Social Practices, Intervention, Sustainability: Beyond Behavior Change, Yolande Strengers and Cecily Maller (eds), London, Routledge, 2014.
  • "Art Bundles," Artistic Practices: Social Interactions and Cultural Dynamics, Tasos Zembylas (ed), London, Routledge, 2014, pp. 17-31..
  • "The Edge of Change: On the Emergence, Persistence, and Dissolution of Practices,” in Sustainable practice: social theory and climate change, Elizabeth Shove and Nicola Spurling (eds), London, Routledge, 2013, pp. 31-46..
  • “Activity as an Indeterminate Social Event,” in Wittgenstein and Heidegger: Pathways and Provocations, Stephen Reynolds, David Egan, and Aaron Weneland (eds), London, Routledge, 2013, pp. 179-94.
  • "A  Primer on Practices: Theory and Research,” in Practice-Based Education: Perspectives and Strategies, Joy Higgs et al. (eds), Rotterdam, Sense Publishers, 2012, pp. 13-26.
  • “Temporality and the Causal Account of Action,” in Heidegger and Cognitive Science, Julian Kiverstein and Mike Wheeler (eds), Basingstoke, UK, Palgrave MacMillan, 2012.
  • “Landscapes as Timespace Phenomena,” in The Place of Landscape: Concepts, Contexts, Studies, Jeff Malpas (ed), Cambridge, MA., MIT Press, 2011, pp. 65-89.
  • “Pippin’s Hegel on Action,” Inquiry 53, No. 5 (2010): 490-505.
  • “Materiality and Social Life,” Nature + Culture 5, no, 2 (2010): 123-49.
  • "Timespace and the Organization of Social Life," in Time, consumption and everyday life, Elizabeth Shove, Frank Trentmann, and Richard Wilk (ed), London, Berg, 2009, 35-48.
  • "Dimensions of Social Theory," in Reimagining the Social in South Africa: Critique and Post-Apartheir Knowledge, Peter Vale and Heather Jacklin (ed), University of KwaZulu Natal Press, 2009, 29-46.
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