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Nethmi Bathige


B.A. Biology and Geography, Macalester College (2022)

University Appointments

Graduate Teaching Assistant : GEO 261 Global Dynamics of Health & Disease (Fall 2022), Digital Mapping (Spring 2023)


Nethmi Bathige is a first year MA student in the Department of Geography at the University of Kentucky. She is a originally from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Her work focuses on food systems and agriculture in Sri Lanka. Nethmi has previously done research on food security and dietary diversity among organic and conventional tea smallholder farmers in Sri Lanka. She has also worked in urban food environments, where she interned at a food bank in Minneapolis, Minnesota and a community urban farm in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Nethmi was a Zero Hunger Intern at the Congressional Hunger Center. Nethmi's current research interests are taking a turn towards climate-smart agriculture among smallholder farming communities in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka. Her additional research interests include feminist political ecologies and participatory methods. 

Selected Publications:

Academic Publications

Bathige, Nethmi, "Food Security and Dietary Diversity among Conventional and Organic Tea-Smallholders in Central and Southern Sri Lanka" (2022). Geography Honors Projects. 72.

Public Scholarship

Bathige, N., & Moseley, W. (2022, Aug 12,). Drawing the wrong lessons from Sri Lanka's organic farming experience (commentary). Mongabay

2022: Interviewed by Mother Jones Magazine: Tucker Carlson Says He Knows Why Sri Lanka Fell. Don't Believe Him.