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Michael McCanless
PhD Candidate

I am an urban, economic, and digital geographer studying how technology shapes markets. I have previously written on racial bias in alternative credit scoring algorithms, the global geography of tech startups, and the use of blockchain in creating digital markets for landed property.

My dissertation investigates how structural changes in rental markets are impacting the fiscal landscape of cities. Specifically, I examine the rise of valuation technologies and their alignment with real estate accounting practices that attempt to minimize tax liability. Working in Memphis, Tennessee, I am documenting the effects of rentiership on property valuation and quantifying the taxable value lost to property tax appeals.

For more on me and my work, check out my website.

Contact Information
818 Patterson Office Tower
Research Interests
  • Financialization
  • Platforms
  • blockchain
  • housing
  • Experimental methods
  • Critical Data Studies
  • GIS
  • Geography