Malene H. Jacobsen

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  • PhD Candidate
  • Research Assistant
  • Geography
817 Patterson Office Tower
  • Other Affiliations:
Research Interests:

MA in Geography, University of Kentucky, 2013

BS in Geography and Education Studies, Roskilde University, 2010

Exchange Student, Georgia Southern University, 2009


I am a PhD candidate, originally from Denmark. I came to University of Kentucky in 2011 to pursue my M.A. in Geography. I am a feminist political geographer concerned with geopolitics of forced migration.

My dissertation examines the ways in which migration management is transnationally constituted and negotiated by migrants. It analyzes the state migration policies, refugee laws, and international agreements through which the migration policies of Europe and the Middle East have become increasingly interconnected. I explore the transnational nature of this emerging ‘refugee regime’, drawing on the perspectives of staff from humanitarian organizations as well as those of forced migrants who encounter and negotiate this regime.

This research is funded by a combination of awards including a research grant from the Danish Institute in Damascus, a National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement grant, and a Social Science Research Council International Dissertation Research Fellowship.

My M.A. thesis examined asylum seekers' everyday life within the Danish asylum system. This work won the Political Geography Specialty Group award for best MA student paper in 2014 and has recently been published as a chapter in the 2016 edited collection Intimate Economies of Immigration Detention from Routledge.

Selected Publications: 

Jacobsen, M. 2016 “Pocket Money: Everyday Precarities in the Danish Asylum System”. In Intimate Economies of Immigration Detention: Critical Perspectives. Ed. Conlon D. and N. Hiemstra. Routledge.

Ehrkamp, P. and M. Jacobsen. 2015 “Citizenship” in Companion to Political Geography. Ed. Agnew, J., and V. Mamadouh, A. Secor, J. Sharp. Wiley-Blackwell.

Murphy, M., M. Jacobsen, A. Crane, J. Loomis, M. F. Bolduc, C. Mott, S. Zupan, A.M. Debbane, R.L. 2015 “Making Space for Critical Pedagogy in the Neoliberal University: Struggles and Possibilities.” ACME 14(4): 1260-1282.

Crampton, J., J. Bowen, D. Cockayne, B. Cook, E. Nost, L. Shade, L. Sharp, and M. Jacobsen. 2013 “Whose Geography? Which Publics?” Dialogues in Human Geography 3(1): 73-76.

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