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Jessa Loomis

Current Affiliation

Dr. Jessa Loomis defended her dissertation "Financial Inclusion in the City: Examining the Democratization of Finance in Boston, Massachusetts" in August 2018 and she is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Urban-Economic Geography in the Graduate School of Geography at Clark University. Dr. Loomis also received an MA in geography from the University of Kentucky and earned graduate certificates in Gender and Women's Studies (2015) and Social Theory (2013) while at UK.  

Selected Publications:

Rosenman, E., Loomis, J., & Kay, K. (2019). “Diversity, representation, and the limits of engaged pluralism in (economic) geography” Progress in Human Geography

Cockayne, D., Horton, A., Kay, K., Loomis, J., & Rosenman, E. (2018). "On economic geography’s “movers” to business and management schools: A response from outside “the project”. Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space, 50(7), 1510-1518.

Loomis, J. (2018). “Rescaling and reframing poverty: Financial coaching and the pedagogical spaces of financial inclusion in Boston, Massachusetts” Geoforum, 95, 143-152

Loomis, J. (2017). Review of Rebecca Kinney's Beautiful Wasteland: The Rise of Detroit as America's Postindustrial Frontier. Antipode

Murphy, M., M. Jacobsen, A. Crane, J. Loomis, M. F. Bolduc, C. Mott, S. Zupan, A.M. Debbane, & R.L. (2015). “Making space for critical pedagogy in the neoliberal university: Struggles and possibilities.” ACME 14(4): 1260-1282.