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Jessica Breen


M.S., Environmental Studies, College of Charleston
B.A., Political Science, University of South Carolina

Selected Publications:

McKinnon, I, and J Breen. 2019. "Expanding Cartographic Practices in the Social Sciences." In The SAGE Handbook of Visual Research Methods, 2nd Ed. L Pauwels & D Mannay, Eds. SAGE Publications.

Breen, J, S Dosemagen, D Blair, and L Barry. 2019. "Public Laboratory: Play and civic engagement." In The Playful Citizen: Civic Engagement in a Mediatized Culture, R Glas, S Lammes, M de Lange, J Raessens, & I de Vries, Eds. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

Miles, C and J Breen. 2017. "(Micro)movements and microbrew: On craft beer, tourism trails, and material transformation(s) in the city." In Beers, Ciders and Spirits: Craft Beverages and Tourism in the U.S., C Kline, S L  Slocum, & C Cavaliere, Eds. New York, NY: Palgrave.

Zook, M, and J Breen. 2017. Mashup, in The International Encyclopedia of Geography: People, the Earth, Environment, and Technology. D RIchardson, N Castree, M Goodchild, W Liu, A Kobayashi, & R Marston, Eds. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley/AAG.

Zook, M, and J Breen​. 2016. Volunteered Geographic Information, in Encyclopedia of GIS, 2nd Ed. Shashi Shekhar, Hui Xiong and Xun Zhou, Eds. Springer.

Breen, J, P Hurley, and L Taylor. 2016. "No (Back)Sliding: Amenity Migration, Viewsheds, and Contesting Steep Slope Ordinances in Western North Carolina." In A Comparative Politicial Ecology of Exurbia. L Taylor and P Hurley, Eds. Springer.

Breen, J, S Dosemagen, J Warren, and M Lippincott. 2015. Mapping Grassroots: Geodata and the structure of community-led open environmental science. ACME: an International E-Journal for Critical Geographies, 14(3), 849–873.

Blair, D, J Breen, S Dosemagen, M Lippincott and L Barry. 2013. “Civic, Citizen and Grassroots Science: Towards a Transformative Scientific Research Model.” In Accountability Technologies: Tools for Asking Hard Questions. D Offenhuber and K Schechtner, Eds. Vienna: Ambra Verlag.

Dosemagen, S, J Breen and D Blair. 2013. “Democratizing Environmental Research.”  In Enabling City: enhancing creative community resilience. Vol. 2., ed. C Camponeschi.