John "Jack" Swab

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  • PhD Student
  • Geography
822 Patterson Office Tower
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Research Interests:

University of Kentucky, MA Geography (2020)

Penn State, BS Geography & BA History (2017)


I am an interdisciplinary geographer broadly interested in the nexus of human geography and GIS/cartography. Specifically, I examine how urban and economic topics intersect with the map, technological evolution in cartography, and the information management of geospatial data. I also have interests in the intellectual history of geography, map studies, and their impacts on current scholarship. Budding areas of interest include digital political ecology and queer spatial histories.

I am also serving as the Student Councilor for the American Association of Geographers from 2020-2022. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have about the discipline!

John is my legal name, but I prefer Jack. I use he/him/his pronouns.

Selected Publications: 
Swab, J.J. and Babcock, T., 2018. Surveying Northeastern Pennsylvania: Contextualizing the Flower-Walker Collection at the Tioga Point Museum. Journal of Map & Geography Libraries, 14(1), pp.9-20.
Swab, J.J., 2018. Review of Patents and Cartographic Inventions: A New Perspective for Map History. Cartographic Perspectives, (90).