Ian Spangler

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Research Interests:
About me

I'm an urban, cultural, and economic geographer studying the lived experiences of geospatial technologies.

My dissertation research explores how digital real estate platforms lead to novel ways of managing, transacting, surveying, and surveilling real estate, with attention to what these developments imply for housing affordability, tenants' rights, and the dynamics of financialized gentrification. Read more about my dissertation research here.

For more on my work, check out my website.

Selected Publications: 


Peer-reviewed journal articles & conference proceedings

Spangler, Ian. Forthcoming. "What Seeps From The Pores." Accepted in you are here: A Journal of Creative Geography.

Spangler, Ian. 2020. “Hidden value in the platform’s platform: Airbnb, displacement, and the un-homing spatialities of emotional labor.” Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 45: 575-588. (free | paywall)

Nemer, David, Ian Spangler and Michaelanne Dye. 2018. “Airbnb and the Costs of Emotional Labor in Havana, Cuba.” 21st ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing. (free | paywall)

Stone, Meredith, Ian Spangler, Xavier Griffin, and Stephen Hanna. 2016. "Searching for the Enslaved in the "Cradle of Democracy": Virginia’s James River Plantations and the Reproduction of Local Social Memories." Southeastern Geographer 56.2, 203-222. (free)

Literary journals

Spangler, Ian. Forthcoming. “Red Wine Vinegar.” Accepted in Southern Humanities Review.

Spangler, Ian. 2015. "Distortion, or Nothing Is Where You Think It Is." Blotterature Literary Magazine 2.2, 4-14. (read | purchase issue)