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Christian Brooks Keeve

Research Interests:
Black geographies
Political Ecology
Vegetal Geographies
Historical Ecology
Digital Ecologies
Queer Ecologies
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

Chris Keeve, Floridian and aspiring cryptid, does a lot of things with seeds and with the people who care about them. They completed their BA in Environmental Sciences & African-American Studies at Northwestern and their MS in Geography at the University of Wisconsin. Their research has recently focused on in situ agrobiodiversity conservation through seedkeeping and historic plant collections, and has turned towards living and lively archives as well as the local and regional landscape dynamics of participatory plant breeding and seed grower networks. Further interests ooze into Black Geographies, Queer Geographies, Political Ecology, Vegetal Geographies, Historical Ecology, other things probably, but really they just like reading comics, tending to plants, and growing food.

Selected Publications:

Academic Publications...


2023- "More-than-human heritage: The political ecologies of the Paul Robeson tomato." M. Rhodes and C. Keeve. Journal of Political Ecology.

2021- "Symposium: Critical Restoration Geographies". Eds. C. Keeve, E. Clancy, K. Kinslow, and K. Bley. Antipode.

2021- "Review of Marcus P. Nevius' City of Refuge: Slavery and Petit Marronage in the Great Dismal Swamp, 1763-1856." C. Keeve. Antipode.

2020 - "Keeping Seeds: Memory, Materiality, and Agrobiodiversity Conservation." C. Keeve. UW-Madison Department of Geography Master's Theses.

2016 - "Electric Peoples: Toward an Afrofuturist Body Politic." C. Keeve. Northwestern Undergraduate Research Journal: Vol. 11


Public Scholarship & Creative Work


2022: "Ep. 17: Myscelial Networks of Seed Growers and the Truelove Seeds Listening Project." Prod. on podcast episode. Seeds & Their People

2022: "It's Time to Drop the Charges." J. Porter & C. Keeve. The Lexington Herald-Leader, July 14, 2022. Republished w/o paywall here:

2022: "Economies of Seeds". R. Lear & C. Keeve. Food Economies chapbook. Atlas Arts.

2022: "Ep. 10: Chris Keeve: Seed Keeper, Chaotic Gardener, and Cooperative Geographer". Interview by Owen Taylor. Seeds & Their People podcast.

2022: "Material Conversations: Mater x Christian Keeve". M. Westall. Fad Magazine.

2022: "iterations, afterlives, seeds, dust". C. Keeve. Mater.

2021: "We Sent Dandelions". C. Keeve. The Earthbound Farmer's Almanac. PDF:

2021: Interviewed by Partisan Gardens podcast. "June 2021 | The Earthbound Farmer's Almanac".

2020-2021: Critical Restoration Geographies public reading group and syllabus project. Collaboration with E. Clancy, K. Kinslow, and K. Bley. Hosted at

2020: "Radical garden spaces and the social lives of seeds." C. Keeve. MOSES Organic Broadcaster July / August Issue

2020: "Fugitive Seeds." C. Keeve. Edge Effects.

2020: Trade Roots Afro-Culinary Diaspora Gardens Project, Madison WI

2019: "Cosmic Assemblages and Radical Descents: Entering the [M] Archive." C. Keeve. Alienocene: Stratum 5