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Oaxaca, Mexico Summer Program

Social and Environmental Justice in Oaxaca

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Are you interested in knocking out some of your major/minor requirements while studying abroad this summer? Check out the upcoming information session on January 19th at 12:00pm in Bradley Hall 207.
The program is non-stationary and interactive. You will not be confined to a classroom. Assignments are reflective in nature, creating a space for careful analysis and personal growth while allowing you to tackle topics of personal interest. Classroom discussions are enriched with nearly a dozen trips outside of the city, and the final field studies project gives you the chance to undertake independent travel if you choose to do so. Trips took us to wind farms, migrant shelters, tropical coffee farms, women´s cooperatives, archeological sites, and many more memorable places. However, beyond getting to know new places, the people you meet along the journey is by far the most interesting part. During my program, we had the opportunity to meet with coffee growers, women´s cooperative leaders, gender equality activists, rappers, farmers, NGO leaders, local government officials, artisans, etc. Everyday was a new experience.

GEO 365: Special Topics in Regional Geography: Society and Environment in Oaxaca (3 credit hours)
GEO 431: Political Ecology (3 credits)
GEO 406: Field Studies in Geography: Undergraduate Field Research  (3 credits).

Students who have already taken GEO 431 may take GEO 316 Environment and Development  instead. If you have already taken GEO 406, it can be repeated.

More information for all study abroad scholarships can be found at: The Richard Ulack Study Abroad Scholarship is a funding opportunities for Geography majors.