Practicum In Preparing Future Faculty

Practicum at a participating institution to provide students with variety of experiences as faculty member working with a mentor there and supervised through CJT.


Sem Preparing Future Fac For Multicltr

This course is to prepare future communication faculty for facilitating and dealing with diverse student learning in an increasingly multicultural classroom context.


Comm & Persuasion

An advanced course examining the literature in communication and attitude change. Issues in measurement, theory, and philosophical orientation are central. Covers communication broadly, including interpersonal, mediated, and mass communication.


Interpersonal Com In Instruction

Interpersonal communication exists in the relationships between students and instructors and between students, both in and out of the classroom. Although these relationships differ from other interpersonal relationships (e.g., friends, significant others), their impact is no less profound or influential. In this course, students will explore how interpersonal concepts, constructs, theories, and relationships emerge in the classroom and impact the overall instructional environment in terms of learning outcomes, satisfaction, and engagement, among other important instructional outcomes.


Prosem In Instructional Communication

This course is an introductory graduate-level survey of current theory, research, and current developments in the area of instructional communication. Students will be exposed to a variety of current theoretical perspectives and methodological orientations. Hands-on opportunities are provided to construct and refine strategies and resources for instruction.


Instructional Com And Technology

Instructional communication often utilizes technology. Teaching and learning now incorporate a wide variety of technologies, ranging from supplementing traditional lectures to holding classes online with students across the world. This course marries traditional areas of concern for instructional communication and emerging technologies to explore the landscape of teaching and learning. Through readings, technology demonstrations, and discussion, the class will examine ethical, technological, professional, and scholarly questions.


Prosem In Health Comm

This course is designed to provide a broad introduction to communication in a health care context. Topics addressed are patient-provider communication, small group communication, communication in health care organizations, intercultural communication in health care, and health images in the mass media.


Quant Methods In Com Res

The scientific method. Communication research as part of social science research. Study and practice of quantitative behavioral research techniques which apply to communication.


Communication Theory

Examination and critical analysis of the major theories of communication processes, including systems theory, structural theories and semiotics, behaviorism, symbolic interactionism, theories of the social construction of reality, and other theoretical approaches to the study of communication.


Dir Reading In Comm

Individual reading study on some communications aspects not treated in depth in a regular course or of topical interest. Advance consultation regarding reading list and examination procedure required. May be repeated to a maximum of 12 credits.



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