Sem Mass Media/Pub Pol (Sr)

The role of mass communications media in making public policy and the effects of public policies on the mass media. One subject area will be investigated each semester; typical topics are (1) political campaign communications; (2) censorship; (3) controversial public issues; (4) rights; (5) international and world agreements. May be repeated to a maximum of six credits under a different subtitle.


Sem In Comm/Info Sys(Sr)

An in-depth examination of a selected topic of set of issues within the general area of recent theory and research on communication and information systems. These could include topics such as: media choice decisions, communication patterns in organizations, on-line communities within professions, bibliometric analysis, personal identity in cyberspace, issues in the use of public and private information, or human- computer interaction. May be repeated to a maximum of six credits under a different subtitle.


Seminar In Training And Consulting

This graduate course explores communication training and consultation as a research and instructional focus for students interested in applied communication. Students will learn how to identify and assess communication competence and how to develop training programs to enhance communication competency.


Sem In Org Comm:(Sr)

This course is concered with theory and research relevant to organizational communication and related areas of interest. Special attention is given to various topics relevant to a specific subtitle. May be repeated to a maximum of six credits under a different subtitle.


Seminar In Risk Communication

This course establishes risk communication as a distinct sub-discipline within the communication discipline. Ethical considerations are paramount in all areas covered in the course. Theories of risk communication such as mindfulness, sensemaking, chaos, image repair, issues management, the constraints of structuration, and renewal discourse are discussed in terms of pre-crisis, crisis, and post-crisis. Applied research areas such as best practices, high reliability organizations, terrorism, and health risks are also considered.


Sem In Internatinal/ Intercult Comm (Sr)

Special Topics/Issues in International/Intercultural Communication examines the current and the alternative perspectives in the field of study. Topics/issues such as the New World Information and Communication Order, Information/Communication Technologies, Communication and Development, transborder Data Flows, etc. are studied. May be repeated by a maximum of six credits.


Sem In Interpersonal Com (Sr)

Consideration of special problems in interpersonal communication with emphasis on emergence of theory and implications for further research. May be repeated to a maximum of six credits under a different subtitle.


Communication Leadership Studies

The primary purpose of this is course is to extend students' theoretical understanding of leadership from a communication perspective. Specifically, this course is designed to (1) sharpen the students' understanding of the role of communication in developing effective leadership behaviors; (2) familiarize students with leadership as it relates to the communication process; (3) involve students in major term projects which incorporate current leadership theory and research; and (4) enhance students' understanding of published research in leadership communication.


Seminar In Crisis Communication

This course follows the crisis communication management process through the stages of pre-crisis, crisis, and post-crisis. The pre-crisis stage discusses planning and environmental scanning. The crisis stage discusses communication strategies for image restoration. The post- crisis stage depicts crisis as an opportunity for organizational learning and for rebuilding or expanding public trust. The course uses a case study approach throughout.


CJT 700-005

Dir Reading In Comm

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