Quant Methods In Com Res

The scientific method. Communication research as part of social science research. Study and practice of quantitative behavioral research techniques which apply to communication.


Communication Theory

Examination and critical analysis of the major theories of communication processes, including systems theory, structural theories and semiotics, behaviorism, symbolic interactionism, theories of the social construction of reality, and other theoretical approaches to the study of communication.


Dir Reading In Comm

Individual reading study on some communications aspects not treated in depth in a regular course or of topical interest. Advance consultation regarding reading list and examination procedure required. May be repeated to a maximum of 12 credits.


Internship In Comm

Field experience for candidates for the M.A. degree in any field of communications through work in industry, government, education, research or business agencies. Laboratory, 12 hours per week.


Database Management

This course is designed as a first database course for students without any previous experience. The general aim of the course is to understand the basic concepts, principles, and hand-on experiences on database systems. The course will evolve from understanding, visualizing, and analyzing data. Then transition to understanding relational databases by designing and building databases using Access and querying using Structured Query Language (SQL).


Qualitative Methods In Communication Res

Goals, epistemology and methods of qualitative inquiry in communication. Strengths and limitations of different qualitative research methodologies. Distinctive contributions of qualitative research to theory and practice of communication.


Distance Ed:Mgmt/Support

This course has been designed for those faculty or future faculty who plan to manage or direct programs delivered through distance education technology. The course will focus on current issues and challenges in distance education administration, including such topics as provision of quality support services; policy issues at the local, state, national, and international level; model administrative structures; instruction and technology funding; and virtual institutions.


Prosem Mass Comm Theory

A broad examination and critical analysis of major mass communication theories and research areas.


CJT 638-201

Internet Technologies And Info Services

Meeting time: 

Course Description

BIO 529-001

Developmental Biology

Meeting time: 
MWF 10:00 am - 10:50 am

Course Description

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