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Graduate Students

Karen Kinslow (PhD Candidate). Representation and affect in stream restoration baselines
Aleks Craine (PhD). Spatialities of emotional support animals
Colby Clark (PhD Philosophy - co-advising with Ted Schatzki) The primacy of openness in ecological systems theory
RL Martens (MA) Suburban ecologies of whiteness: property, propriety and the rise and fall of the Bradford Pear

Chelsea Parise
(MA,Spring 2022). Undoing Colorblind Ecologies: Redlining and Just Green Enough in the Urban Forest of Boston's Franklin Park

Li-Chih Hsu (PhD, Spring 2019). Visualizing barrier island dune topographic state space. (Visiting Assistant Professor, SUNY Binghamton)

Jackie Monge (MA, Spring 2014) Convergence of dune topography among multiple barrier island morphologies. Presently employed with Quantum Spatial in Lexington, KY.

Sophie Strosberg (MA, Spring 2014).  The human-hookworm assemblage: contingency and the practice of helminthic therapy. Freelance science journalist.

Megan White (MA Thesis, 2014). Associating Severe Thunderstorm Warnings with Demographic and Landscape Variables: A Geographically Weighted Regression Based Mapping of Forecast Bias.