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The Department of Geography at UK has earned an international reputation through the productive and collaborative efforts of its faculty and students. The Department's successes have recently been rewarded by the University and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Geography has been named a "Tier 1 Target of Opportunity" by the UK Task Force on Research and Graduate Education, resulting in new opportunities for fellowship and research funding.

The Department's main office, graduate TA offices, and most faculty offices are located on the 14th Floor of Patterson Office Tower. Additional research facilities associated with the Department's GIS labs and the Gyula Pauer Cartographic Information Laboratory are located in the basement of Miller Hall. The GIS and Cartographic Information Labs provides for the mapping, spatial data analysis, and GIS needs of the Department and other campus units. Its non-computing equipment resources include drafting rooms with complete pen-and-ink and scribing equipment, a large-format camera and vacuum frame, plate maker, an automatic processor, a wide range of aerial photo interpretation equipment.

The Department's computing equipment resources include high-end mac and pc workstations, scanning and digitizing support, and a variety of printing and plotting output devices. Available software includes ArcInfo, ArcView, Adobe Creative Suite, Macromedia Freehand, SPSS, and a variety of educational software. Campus is WI-FI.

All faculty, staff, and students in the Department have unrestricted use of the University's computing center resources, which include supercomputers, magnetic tape and cartridge data storage facilities, and printer services. Additional campus facilities include the University's FACTS Center, which supports professional-quality digital output of graphic and text material, and the Social Sciences Teaching and Research Statistics Center (SSTARS), which provides computing and consulting resources for data analysis applications.

UK's state-of-the-art W.T. Young Library houses 1.2 million volumes and is a regional repository for U.S. Census, federal, and United Nations documents. Opened in 1998, the facility includes 3,600 network ports, 600 personal computers, a laptop loan program, 21 group study/seminar rooms and seating for 350 in faculty/dissertation study areas. Through University funding, the Department subscribes to over 100 national and international journals.

Campus Libraries and Archives

W.T. Young
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