Cartography & GIS Courses

Students please refer to the schedule of classes as not all of these courses are offered every semester.

  • GEO 109 Digital Mapping (3)
    Introduces the concepts, techniques, and histories behind mapping as a creative and artist practice.  UK Core for Arts and Creativity
  • GEO 305 Elements of Cartography (3)
    Fundamental training in map drafting, compilation, symbolization, scales, projections, and map reproduction, including emphasis on the conceptual planning and designing of maps and graphs as a medium for communication.
  • GEO 309 Introduction to Gis (3)
    This course introduces students to the use of geographic information systems and their basic principles. Topics addressed include data collection processing and output. Students will learn about types of geographic information and data: sources constraints and uses; the range of secondary spatial data sets available; and the collection of primary spatial data using global positioning systems (GPS) and other technologies.
  • GEO 399 Internship in Geography (3)
    Provides supervised professional experience in public and private sector positions and is intended to introduce students to the skills and working environments of careers in geography. Students should consult with a geography faculty member in advance of registering for this class.
  • GEO 409 Advanced Gis (3)
    This course is developed to introduce intermediate and advanced topics in geographic information science and spatial analysis including theoretical and application areas. Building upon a range of GIS software systems this course covers geographic data collection entry and editing spatial analysis interpolation and map development and display.
  • GEO 409G Gis And Sci (3)
    Investigation of geographic information systems (GIS) and science (GIScience). Including theory and applications areas. A major portion of the course will be based on use of a current widely-used GIS computer software system. Considered will be aspects of geographic data entry and editing, spatial analysis, and map development and display. Relationship of GIS to the Global Positioning System (GPS) and satellite generated data will be addressed. Prereq: GEO 309.
  • GEO 419 Introduction To Remote Sensing (3)
    This course offers an introduction to remote sensing technologies and their application to land use/land cover analysis environmental monitoring natural resources management and urban planning. This course covers the fundamental remote sensing principles overview of space/air born sensors/data essential techniques for digital image processing and applications particular related to diverse land surfaces such as vegetation water urban and soil/bedrocks. Theoretical training and lab exercises are integrated components in this course.
  • GEO 509 Workshop In Geospatial Technologies (3)
    This course focuses on the development of applied GIS skills and follows with a participatory workshop model with intensive hands-on collaboration with community partners. The course covers a full range of collaborative GIS: working with team members and project partners to identify project goals acquiring and preparing spatial data for GIS analyses communicating with clients to assess progress managing spatial data and producing necessary maps and analyses.
  • GEO 609 Giscience Fundamentals (3)
    This course introduces students to the use of geographic information systems and the science behind their use. Topics include an introduction to types of geographic information and data; the sources constraints and uses of data; the techniques for processing and visualizing spatial data and the methodological epistemological and ontological issues associated with GIScience.
  • GEO 619 Remote Sensing Fundamentals (3)
    This course covers the use of remote sensing technologies and their application in natural resource management land use/land cover analysis city and regional planning and environmental monitoring. This course covers the basic remote sensing principles the range of space/air borne sensors/data key techniques for digital image processing and applications particularly related to diverse land surfaces including the built environment water soil and vegetation.
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