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Bailey Alumni Lecture

The University of Kentucky Department of Geography invites you to our 7th Annual Harrison and Eva Lewis Bailey Distinguished Alumni Lecture. Harrison and Eva graduated from UK; Eva from Psychology in 1948 and Harrison from Geography in 1949. Read more about the fund here, established by Harrison in memory of Eva. 

Schedule of Events, Tuesday December 13, 2022                     

  • A Friday Afternoon Address by Dr. Sarah A. Moore, University of Wisconsin, W.T. Young Library, UK Athletics Association Auditorium, University of Kentucky at 3:30pm.

Refuse and Refusal: The Radical Potential of Waste

Abstract: The modern problem of waste is often considered merely an unfortunate afterthought of capitalist mass production and consumption economies. In this paper, I instead begin from the premise that there would be no capitalist economy without waste. One way to read the preceding sentence is that capitalist societies necessarily produce waste – a true enough statement, but not exactly – or not only – what I mean. What I do mean is that, rather than an afterthought, waste is a necessary component of modern capitalism, a fundamental component that political-economic system. It is also a component whose necessity is denied by claims about recycling and circular economies; repressed by distancing and removal (out of sight, out of mind); and dismissed as an unfortunate externality. And, I argue, that denial, repression and dismissal of the fundamental importance of waste positions it as a site of radical political potential. In this talk, I draw from my research in waste studies at various scales to demonstrate how, when and where refuse (as in waste) exceeds management and manifests a psychic and material refusal to go along with the status quo.

Please contact the Geography Department's office for more information about joining us for the Bailey Alumni Lecture.

Past Speakers

  • Aretina Hamliton (PhD, 2018), Director of DEI, Brandeis University [2021]
  • Mark Graham (PhD, 2008), Professor, Oxford Internet Institute [2019]
  • Mary Gilmartin (PhD, 1995; MA, 2001), Professor, Maynooth University [2018]
  • Edward Carr (PhD, 2002), Professor, Clark University [2017]
  • Jamie Winders, Chair and Professor (PhD, 2004; BA, 1998), Syracuse University [2016]
  • Vincent Del Casino, Jr. (PhD, 2000), Vice Provost and Professor, University of Arizona [2015]