Admission to the Geography Graduate Program at the University of Kentucky is internationally competitive. We only accept applications for matriculation in the Fall semester and applicants should submit their materials by January 15 2022 to ensure a complete review for admission to the Fall 2022 semester. Applications are accepted after this date BUT later applications may miss key financial aid and admission decisions.  Questions about the application process and the status of applications may be directed to the DGS, Dr. Matthew Zook

Applicants should use the University of Kentucky's online application system. All materials required for the application are as follows and can be submitted via this system. 

  • A statement of goals and objectives in which you discuss your areas of scholarly interest, research directions you wish to pursue, and how your goals fit in with the Department of Geography. This document should be about two pages double-spaced. (Note: this is listed as Personal Statement in the application system) 
  • A current resume or curriculum vitae.
  • All applicants will be considered for assistantships and fellowships.  The application system contains an Assistantship Interest section that you are required to fill out.  Uploading a blank document (or one that simply says "I am interested in assistantships") is fine.
  • You can submit a writing sample but this is NOT required. (Note: this is listed as Writing Sample in the application system) If you choose to submit a writing sample, it MUST NOT exceed 25 pages.
  • Three letters of reference from persons who can evaluate your potential for success in our graduate program.  
  • One transcript from each University attended (you can upload an unofficial copy for the application process, official copies will be required once application decisions are made).
  • As of September 30, 2020, GRE scores are NOT required to apply to the Geography graduate program and the admissions committee will not be use them to evaluate admission or funding decisions. Note: the University of Kentucky's online application system will prompt you to answer if you have taken, or will take, the GRE but this does not mean that you must eventually supply GRE scores. If you have already taken the GREs and wish to include them in your application you may. We allow this because some funding outside the department still asks for GRE scores and it can be useful to have them available, particularly if they are in the 90th percentile or higher. 
  • Official TOEFL or IELTS scores if your first language is not English (see the Graduate School overview or procedures and minimum scores required)
  • Application Fee ($65 for domestic applicants and $75 for international applicants). These fees are set by the graduate school and we are unable to waive them.
We especially encourage applications from women and students from minority populations. The University of Kentucky has several special fellowships for minority graduate students. The DGS or the Graduate School's Office of Recruitment may be contacted for further details.
Applications are reviewed by the Graduate Committee of Department of Geography and makes a recommendation to the Department's Director of Graduate Studies (DGS), who is responsible for admissions decisions. The Graduate Committee does not have a minimum required score on the GREs or a minimum required Grade Point Average, but takes these into account in any admission decision. The Graduate Committee does not emphasize one aspect of the application over any other, but takes the entire package under consideration, and is motivated in its decision making by the applicant's potential for success in graduate study in general, and graduate study in our department in particular. 
The department welcomes students with undergraduate concentrations in related fields. In some cases students without an academic background in Geography may be required to complete additional coursework so as to gain appropriate foundational knowledge.
We strongly encourage applicants and prospective applicants to visit the Department and the University of Kentucky to learn more about our graduate program. A visit gives the prospective student a valuable opportunity to see the campus and our facilities and to meet with faculty and graduate students to discuss interests and goals. In addition, a visit is a chance to explore the wonderfully livable city of Lexington and its beautiful Bluegrass surroundings. To schedule a visit, contact the DGS. 
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