Matthew W. Wilson

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Ph.D. University of Washington, 2009
M.A. University of Washington, 2005
B.S. Northwest Missouri State University, 2002

I'm on a visiting appointment at Harvard University, 2013-2014.

My research is at the intersection of critical human geography and geographic information science, what is called critical GIS.  I draw upon science and technology studies to understand the development and proliferation of location-based services and the rapid evolution of Internet-based geographic information, more generally.  I read across interdisciplinary fields including feminist critiques of science, the digital humanities, technocultural and software studies, and posthumanism, with particular interest in the implications (human and more-than-human) of digital information technologies.  I have an interest in continuing to develop participatory and collaborative applications of GIS in the classroom, and hope to learn about opportunities to build classroom-based partnerships with community organizations serving Lexington.  I received my Ph.D. from the University of Washington in 2009.

More information about my teaching and research can be found at

Selected Publications: 


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Graduate Students:
Preston, Bryan (M.S., Geography). Urban Gardening South of the Tracks in Middletown USA: An embedded qualitative GIS approach. 26 March. Ball State University (2010-2012).
Hollon, Debra (M.S., Geography).  GIS and the Prehistoric Landscape: An Examination of Applicability.  23 March.  Ball State University (2010-2011).
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