08/29/14 What I Did Last Summer! @ Classroom Building Room 238
09/05/14 Jongcheol Seo (Catholic University of Daegu, South Korea) "The Conflicts between Preservation and Development in the National Natural... @ Classroom Building Room 238
Jongcheol Seo
09/08/14 "Kosher/Soul? Black-Jewish Identity Cooking" Michael W. Twitty is a recognized culinary historian and independent scholar... @ MLK Center
Michael Twitty
09/12/14 Rashad Shabazz (University of Vermont) "Our Prison: Kitchenettes, Carceral Power Black Masculinity during the Inter-... @ Classroom Building Room 238
Rashad Shabazz
09/12/14 Rashad Shabazz: "Our Prison": Kitchenettes, Carceral Power and Black Masculinity During the Interwar Years This talk examines the articulation of carceral power in the kitchenettes and... @ 238 Classroom Building
Rashad Shabazz
09/19/14 Carolyn Finney (University of California at Berkeley) @ Classroom Building Room 238
Carolyn Finney
09/26/14 Patrick Bigger (University of Kentucky) "Sequestering Carbon: Commodity Definition, Liquidity, and the Limits to ... @ Classroom Building Room 238
Patrick Bigger
10/03/14 Marcia England (Miami University) "Fast and Furious Feminism" @ Classroom Building Room 238
Marcia England
10/10/14 Stan Brunn (University of Kentucky) "China Research: Social Media, Social Distance, and Memoryscapes" @ Classroom Building Room 238
Stan Brunn
10/24/14 Justin Maxwell (Indiana University) "Drought busting tropical cyclones: Spatiotemporal patterns of drought... @ Classroom Building Room 238
Justin Maxwell
11/07/14 Chris van Dyke (University of Kentucky) "Landscape Memory in a Time of Amnesia -- Recovering the Clark Fork River at... @ Classroom Building Room 238
Chris van Dyke
11/14/14 Nik Heynen (University of Georgia) "Confronting The Right to Food Through Abolition Ecology" @ Classroom Building Room 238
Nik Heynen
11/21/14 Heidi Nast (DePaul University) @ Classroom Building Room 238
Heidi Nast
12/05/14 Derek Ruez (University of Kentucky) "Encounter, Intelligibility, Politics: Making Sense of Sexuality and Race in ... @ Classroom Building Room 238
Derek Ruez
07|01|14 - A&S Alum Back to Share Knowledge of Appalachia -

Former UK student Amanda Fickey is back at her alma mater this summer, teaching Appalachian history and culture to 60 high school students from Eastern Kentucky as part of UK’s Robinson Scholars Honors Program.

06|25|14 - Association of Emeriti Faculty Presents Fellowship Awards -

Graduate students in the departments of english, geography, and mathematics recently received fellowship awards from the Association of Emeriti Faculty.

06|04|14 - They Preserve the Past for the Future -

Adjunct Assistant Professors A. Gwynn Henderson and David Pollack have been award this year's Ida Lee Willis Memorial Award for outstanding commitment to historical preservation.

05|21|14 - Mapping Cyberspace -

A research team led by geography professor Matthew Zook is making use of digital data to explore how people, places, and cyberspace interact.

04|28|14 - disClosure Goes Digital Through UKnowledge -

"disClosure," the annual thematic publication on contemporary social theory, has gone digital thanks to UK Libraries' UKnowledge website.

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