Brian Grabbatin

Research Interests:

Doctoral Candidate in Geography, University of Kentucky (ABD 2011)
M.S. in Environmental Studies, College of Charleston (2008)
B.S. in Anthropology, College of Charleston (2003)


My dissertation focuses on heirs’ property, land that is held by family members as tenants in common.  I have conducted ethnographic and archival research in several African American communities in Lowcountry South Carolina and am currently writing up the results. This project is funded by the National Science Foundation, the Association of American Geographers, and the Anne White Fund.

Selected Publications: 

2015  Hurley P.T., M. Emery, R. McLain, M. Poe, B. Grabbatin, and C. Goetcheus. Chapter 7: “Whose Urban Forest? Plant gathering and the political ecology of urban Non-Timber Forest Products.” Pages 187-212 in Sustainability in the Global City: Myth and Practice, edited by C. Isenhour, M. Checker, and G. McDonogh. New York: Cambridge University Press.

2012    Grabbatin B. and A. Fickey. “Service-Learning: Critical traditions and geographic pedagogy.” Journal of Geography, 11 (6): 254-260.

2012    Grabbatin B. and J. Rossi. “Political Ecology: Nonequilibrium science and nature-society research.” Geography Compass, 6 (5): 275-289.

2012    Hurley P.T., B. Grabbatin, C. Goetcheus, and A. C. Halfacre. “Gathering, Buying, and Growing Sweetgrass (Muhlenbergia sericea): Urbanization and social networking in the sweetgrass basket-making industry of lowcountry South Carolina.” Pages 153-174 in African Ethnobotany in the Americas, edited by R. Voeks and J. Rashford. New York: Springer.

2011   Grabbatin B., P. T. Hurley, and A. Halfacre. 2011. “ ‘I Still Have the Old Tradition’: The co-production of sweetgrass basketry and coastal development.” Geoforum, 42: 638-649.

2011  Grabbatin B. and J. L. Stephens. “Wigfall v. Mobley et al.: Heirs’ property rights in family and in law.” Disclosure: A Journal of Social Theory, 20: 133-150.

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