Theory Seminar: Geometric constraints on the space of N=2 conformal field theories

10/05/2015 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Speaker(s) / Presenter(s): 
Mario Martone (Cincinnati)
Seiberg-Witten theory provides a geometric understanding of N=2 gauge theories while Conformal invariance further constrains the Coulomb branch to be scale-invariant. We will show that this picture is richer: Coulomb branch deformations are related in a precise way to the spectrum of relevant, irrelevant and marginal operators of the SCFT. In particular, a careful study of the former can constraint the latter, geometric constraints on the space of possible N=2 SCFTs can be extracted and a classification scheme can be outlined. In particular, we carry out this program for the rank 1 case.
Some of the constraints on the space of SCFTs which can be obtained in a straightforward way with our approach are instead harder to extract using bootstrap techniques. These two approaches should be thus seen as complementary to one another.
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