Scavenger Hunt

09/12/2015 - 6:00pm to 8:30pm
Begin in Lobby of CC2

Please meet in the lobby of CC2 at 6:00 PM for instructions on the Scavenger Hunt which you will be doing with your peer mentor and fellow mentees in downtown Lexington.  After the scavenger hunt, you will have the opportunity to attend a Poetry Slam!  This is during the Roots & Heritage Festival, so it will be lots of fun!

To prepare, download Whiteboard, a free app for your iPad. Also download our map, by saving it to your Photos on the iPad. We'll be using this map on Monday, along with photos you collect during this scavenger hunt.

Work with your Peer Mentor to take a photo at these locations. Find as many as you can before the Poetry Slam at the Downtown Arts Center at 7:30pm. Upload these photos to our Facebook group.

Interior of Third Street Stuff
Mayor’s House on Gratz Park
5/3 Bank Pavilion
Centre Pit (Point)
President Lincoln Mural
Lexington Public Library Clock
Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden
Lyric Theater Marquee
Flame in Phoenix Park
Thoroughbred Park
Triangle Park
Popcorn Machine in Kentucky Theatre Lobby
Waterfall fountain in front of new Courthouse
Exterior of Rupp Arena with Rupp in background
Lexington Children’s Theatre Marquee
Lobby of Police Station
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