Fulbright Awards

Rich Schein in HelsinkiSue Roberts in FinlandProfessor Rich Schein and Professor Sue Roberts are awarded Fulbright fellowships in Finland for 2012-2013.

Rich Schein’s Fulbright is described as follows on the Fulbright website: “The Fulbright Bicentennial Chair was established in 1976 to institutionalize the teaching of American history, culture and language at the University of Helsinki. It was the first chair in the Fulbright Distinguished Chairs Program.  The Bicentennial Chair holder has played a crucial role in developing the interdisciplinary approach to American studies found at the University of Helsinki and at other Finnish universities with American studies programs.  Today it is one of the most prestigious appointments in the Fulbright Scholar Program.” (http://www.fulbright.fi/en/research-and-lecturing-opportunities-scholars-and-specialists/fulbright-bicentennial-chair-american)


Rich is part of the North American Studies Program in the Department of World Cultures. Over the year heis offering courses on US cities and the American landscape, consulting with graduate students, and doing reading with MA students on a variety of topics, including some introductory political ecology (as it intersects with his interests in land and property in the US; he says this is in order to keep up the with UK geography graduate students while he is away! He is also finishing a book and planning for some projects upon my return to the US. His appointment also entails serving as a liason from the US and the University of Helsinki to American Studies scholars and the Fulbright community across Finland. He reports that some recent and coming activities include opening the Finnish American Studies Association meetings and speaking to the American Women’s Club in Finland!  He is looking forward to similar visits at the Universities in Turku, Oulu, and Tampere as well. As for daily life, he reports that “ecstatic to be living in a walkable and human-scaled European city, and one that is designated ‘World Design Capital’ for 2012, and having time to spend with my family in an exciting new place.”


Sue Roberts was selected as the University of Turku Fulbright Scholar for 2012-13. This year long research fellowship in Southwest Finland is enabling her to finish up various projects, including a study of the rise of for profit development contractors implementing USAID programs around the world. Sue also plans to complete a manuscript for a book that would introduce a geographical approach to global inequality. While at Turku, Sue is hosted by the Department of Geography and Geology, for whom she is teaching a short course on geographies of neoliberalism and post neoliberalism.

According to reports, Sue has settled in well to Turku and has been enjoying exploring the city and the nearby archipelago as well as getting to know Helsinki. She says she does not miss Kentucky one bit -- though we suspect that may change as the Finnish days get ever shorter and the temperature drops.


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