Sp Study Systematic Geo

Sp Study Systematic Geo

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The application of the methods of systematic geography to particular special studies in topical areas, such as conservation, urban areas, climatology, cartography, or others. May be repeated for a total of six credits.


Fall 2018
Section Credits Room Instructor Syllabus
GEO 655-001 3.0 TBD Betsy Anne Beymer-Farris
GEO 655-003 3.0 TBD Patricia Ehrkamp
GEO 655-005 3.0 TBD TBD
GEO 655-006 3.0 TBD Liang Liang
GEO 655-007 3.0 TBD Tad Mutersbaugh
GEO 655-008 3.0 TBD Jonathan D Phillips
GEO 655-009 3.0 TBD Lynn R Phillips
GEO 655-010 3.0 TBD Susan Roberts
GEO 655-011 3.0 TBD Michael E. Samers
GEO 655-012 3.0 TBD Richard H Schein
GEO 655-013 3.0 TBD Anna J Secor
GEO 655-014 3.0 TBD Gary W Shannon
GEO 655-015 3.0 TBD Jon Anthony Stallins
GEO 655-016 3.0 TBD Alice Victoria Turkington
GEO 655-017 3.0 TBD Matthew W. Wilson
GEO 655-018 3.0 TBD Andrew M. Wood
GEO 655-019 3.0 TBD Matthew A Zook
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