Independent Work In Geo

Independent Work In Geo

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Individualized study and/or research intended to provide opportunities for students to explore topics in more depth than is offered in existing courses, or to address topics not covered in existing courses. Students work with a faculty supervisor in defining a specific area of study, appropriate learning objectives, and suitable evaluation criteria. Course format may range from critical reading of selected literatures to innovative research projects. Students should identify and consult with faculty supervisor well in advance of registration for this course.


Spring 2018
Section Credits Room Instructor Syllabus
GEO 560-001 3.0 TBD Betsy Anne Beymer-Farris
GEO 560-002 3.0 TBD Jeremy W. Crampton
GEO 560-003 3.0 TBD Patricia Ehrkamp
GEO 560-004 3.0 TBD Carolyn M Finney
GEO 560-005 3.0 TBD Liang Liang
GEO 560-006 3.0 TBD Tad Mutersbaugh
GEO 560-007 3.0 TBD Jonathan D Phillips
GEO 560-008 3.0 TBD Lynn R Phillips
GEO 560-009 3.0 TBD Susan Roberts
GEO 560-010 3.0 TBD Richard H Schein
GEO 560-011 3.0 TBD Michael E. Samers
GEO 560-012 3.0 TBD Anna J Secor
GEO 560-013 3.0 TBD Gary W Shannon
GEO 560-014 3.0 TBD Jon Anthony Stallins
GEO 560-015 3.0 TBD Alice Victoria Turkington
GEO 560-016 3.0 TBD Matthew W. Wilson
GEO 560-017 3.0 TBD Andrew M. Wood
GEO 560-018 3.0 TBD Matthew A Zook
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