Human Geography

Human Geography

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An introduction to geographic perspectives on human political, economic, social, and cultural activities (such as trade, economic development, empire, colonialism and nation building, agriculture, pollution, urbanization, population dynamics). Emphasis is on spatiality (including concepts of location, scale, globalization, maps, migration, and diffusion), place making and regions (including concepts of the cultural landscape, place meaning, race, class, and gender identities, and territoriality), and nature/society relations (including concepts of environmental adaptation and modification, climate change, and sustainability). Fulfills Gen Ed Intellectual Inquiry ? Social Science and elementary certification requirement for Education.


Fall 2019
Section Credits Room Instructor Syllabus
GEO 172-001 3.0 Rm.333 Curtis Pomilia
GEO 172-002 3.0 RM.OB5 Julie Saperstein
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