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Archaeology for Kids

IX. Archaeology for Kids


A fun and informative archaeology magazine for children, created by the Archaeological Instutute of America and published by the Cricket Magazine Group. To subscribe, call 1-866-CALL-DIG, or visit their web site,

Digging up the Past: Pompeii and Herculaneum, by Peter Hicks.

Thomson Learning, New York, 1996 (US); Wayland Publishers Ltd., 1995 (UK).ISBN 1-56847-398-2. The "Digging up the Past" series also includes: Biblical Sites, Bodies from the Past, The Search for Dinosaurs, Troy and Knossos, The Valley of the Kings

I can be an Archaeologist, by R. Pickering.

Children's Press. ISBN 0516419099.

The Sandal, a story by Tony Bradman, Illus. Philippe Dupasquier.

Viking Kestrel (Penguin), 1989. ISBN 0-670-82992-7. Brief story about a lost sandal, set in the present day, is linked to the past and the future with detailed drawings that follow the sandal motif through Rome in 77 B.C., a contemporary city, and an imagined city of the future (A.D. 2250).

Stories on Stone, written and illus. by Jennifer Owings Dewey.

Little, Brown, 1996. "A lyrical and informative introduction to rock art, the handwork of the ancients and "maps of the human heart, mind, and imagination," from an artist whose reverence for petroglyphs grows out of her childhood travels in New Mexico." (blurb from Smithsonian Magazine: "Smithsonian's Notable Books for Children, 1996," November 1996 issue.)