Picture Name Department Position E-mail Office Phone Number
jabeni3's picture
John A. Benitez Geography
pmbigg2's picture
Patrick Bigger Geography Doctoral Candidate patrick.bigger@uky.edu 818 Patterson Office Tower
blblan0's picture
Ben Blandford Geography PhD Candidate, Research Associate (KTC) Benjamin.Blandford@uky.edu C240B Raymond Building (859) 257-7504
mlfl223's picture
Michele Flippo Bolduc Geography PhD Candidate michele.bolduc@uky.edu 817 Patterson Office Tower
jebowe3's picture
Jay Bowen Geography PhD Student, Teaching Assistant jay.bowen@uky.edu 818 Patterson Office Tower (859) 257-0522
jmbr248's picture
Jessica Breen Geography PhD Student, Teaching Assistant jessica.breen@uky.edu 1422 Patterson Office Tower (859) 257-6956
dgco223's picture
Dan Cockayne Geography, Social Theory PhD Candidate, Teaching Assistant daniel.cockayne@uky.edu 818 Patterson Office Tower
beco228's picture
Brittany Cook Geography, Gender & Women's Studies PhD Student, Teaching Assistant brittany.cook@uky.edu 818 Patterson Office Tower
emcoy2's picture
Eric Michael Coy Geography M.A. Student, Teaching Assistant emcoy2@uky.edu 818 Patterson Office Tower (859) 257-0522
hde222's picture
Hugh Deaner Geography PhD Candidate, Research Associate (KTC) hugh.deaner@uky.edu Coldstream Research Campus
bcgr222's picture
Brian Grabbatin Geography Doctoral Candidate, Faculty, Midlands Technical College bcgr222@uky.edu
arhami6's picture
Aretina R. Hamilton Geography, Gender and Women's Studies Doctoral Candidate aretina.hamilton@uky.edu
kbha225's picture
Kelsey Hanrahan Geography PhD Candidate, Teaching Assistant kelsey.hanrahan@uky.edu POT 818
emhu228's picture
Eric M. Huntley Geography PhD Student, Teaching Assistant ericmhuntley@uky.edu 222 Patterson Office Tour
mhja222's picture
Malene H. Jacobsen Geography PhD Student, Teaching Assistant malene.jacobsen@uky.edu 817 Patterson Office Tower 859-257-0522
mji226's picture
Myung In Ji Geography PhD Student, Teaching Assistant 822 Patterson Office Tower (859) 257-6992
lajo236's picture
Leif Johnson Geography Graduate Fellow leif.johnson@uky.edu 1422 Patterson Office Tower
ecka225's picture
Emily Kaufman Geography PhD Student 1422
rela222's picture
Rebecca Lane Geography Doctoral Candidate and Teaching Assistant rela222@uky.edu 822 Patterson Office Tower
dmlaw2's picture
Derek Law Geography Doctoral Candidate derek_m_law@hotmail.com Miller Hall, room 3 (859) 265-0556


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