Picture Name Position Research Interests Contact
beco228's picture
Brittany Cook Barrineau PhD Student, Teaching Assistant
818 Patterson Office Tower
jabeni3's picture
John A. Benitez
pmbigg2's picture
Patrick Bigger Doctoral Candidate Market Environmentalism, Geographies of Financialization, Economic Geography, Social Studies of Finance, Militarism and the Environment
818 Patterson Office Tower
blblan0's picture
Ben Blandford PhD Candidate, Research Associate (KTC)
C240B Raymond Building
(859) 257-7504
mlfl223's picture
Michele Flippo Bolduc PhD Candidate critical medical geography, political economy, immigration, Haiti, American South, critical pedagogy, Political Ecology, environmental health
817 Patterson Office Tower
jebowe3's picture
Jay Bowen PhD Candidate, Teaching Assistant
1422 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6956
jmbr248's picture
Jessica Breen PhD Student, Teaching Assistant
1422 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6956
dgco223's picture
Dan Cockayne PhD Candidate, Teaching Assistant
817 Patterson Office Tower
emcoy2's picture
Eric Michael Coy M.A. Student, Teaching Assistant
818 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-0522
hde222's picture
Hugh Deaner PhD Candidate, Research Associate (KTC) energy, political ecology, oil, North America, Caribbean
Coldstream Research Campus
bcgr222's picture
Brian Grabbatin Doctoral Candidate Political Ecology, Property, the Commons, ethnography, Archives, American South
arhami6's picture
Aretina R. Hamilton Doctoral Candidate
kbha225's picture
Kelsey Hanrahan PhD Candidate, Teaching Assistant geographies of care, ageing and the life course, feminist geographies, feminist ethics of care, livelihoods, well-being, Sub-Saharan Africa, families and personal relationships, development
off campus
emhu228's picture
Eric M. Huntley PhD Student, Teaching Assistant New Maps, Science and Technology Studies, Critical GIS, Designed Space, Digital Humanities, Archives, Social Theory, Landscape Architecture, Code, Aesthetic Theory
822 Patterson Office Tour
(859) 257-6992
mhja222's picture
Malene H. Jacobsen PhD Student, Teaching Assistant Political Geography, cultural geography, migration, Space, gender, Belonging, Borders, citizenship, Political Subjectivity
817 Patterson Office Tower
mji226's picture
Myung In Ji PhD Student, Teaching Assistant cultural geography, urban geography, Landscapes, Space and Place, Urban Squatter, Urban Redevelopment, Seoul, South Korea
822 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6992
lajo236's picture
Leif Johnson MA Student migration, Borders, citizenship, China, Latin America
1422 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6956
ecka225's picture
Emily Kaufman PhD Student urban geography, policing, social control, embodied effects, ethnography, securitization, New York City, Legal Geography, profiling, New Maps, crime mapping
1422 Patterson Office Tower
rela222's picture
Rebecca Lane Doctoral Candidate and Teaching Assistant
822 Patterson Office Tower
dmlaw2's picture
Derek Law Doctoral Candidate Biogeography, Micobial Ecology, Pedogenesis, Sustainable Ariculture, biogeomorphology
Miller Hall, room 3
(859) 265-0556
JLE273's picture
Jonghee Lee PhD student, Teaching Assistant
818 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-0522
jli325's picture
Jess Linz MA Student, Teaching Assistant urban geography, Political Geography, public space, Social Theory, feminist epistemologies
822 Patterson Office Tower
jmlo225's picture
Jessa Loomis PhD Student, Teaching Assistant financial literacy, subjectivity, feminist theory, democratization of finance, Geographies of Financialization, credit and debt
822 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6992
kjloon2's picture
James Looney Ph.D. Candidate Cultural landscapes, Nature-culture relations, Environmental conservation, Heritage preservation, Animal & hybrid geographies, Tourism
smmcco5's picture
Sarah McCormack Research Engineer
1500 Bull Lea Rd, Coldstream Research Campus
(859) 257 7562
zmerkin's picture
Zina Merkin Research Specialist, Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Kentucky
S329 Agricultural Science Center North
(859) 257-5909
dme234's picture
Dugan Meyer MA Student, Teaching Assistant Political Geography, policing, Race, democracy, citizenship, difference, feminist epistemologies, everyday life, Ethics, love, Foucault, Deleuze
818 Patterson Office Tower
wjmi222's picture
Jordan Miller MA Student, Graduate Teaching Assistant Urban Geography, Urban Renewal, Urban Planning, Economic Geography, Sustainable Development, Gentrification, Cartography, Urban Design, Film Studies
822 Patterson Office Tower
nmi223's picture
Nate Millington PhD Candidate urban geography, Political Ecology, Brazil and Latin America, Environmental Hazards, cultural geography
822 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6992
cymo222's picture
Carrie Mott Doctoral Candidate Political Geography, resistance, US/Mexico border, indigeneity, feminism, gender, Social Theory, historical geography, territory, relationships, non-Euclidian spatialities, Race, difference, Arizona, grassroots organizing and activism
off campus
(859) 257-6992
cpo232's picture
Curtis Pomilia PhD Student, Teaching Assistant Critical Social Theory, Political Geography, cultural geography, Critical health geography, Political economy and ecology
822 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6992
apo232's picture
Ate Poorthuis PhD Candidate Urban Geography, Internet Geography, GIS, Geoweb, Science and Technology Studies, Urban Planning, Space
1422 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6956
amri237's picture
Alex Rittle MA Student, Teaching Assistant
818 Patterson Office Tower
mlro239's picture
Matthew Rosenblum MA Student, Graduate Teaching Assistant cultural geography, Political Geography, Jewish Cultural Studies, Zionism, Israel/Palestine, Lacanian Psychoanalysis, Post-Judaism, Jewish Identity, Critical Geopolitics, Social Theory, Judith Butler, feminism, Sigmund Freud, Edward Said, emotional geographies
1422 Patterson Office Tower
dmruez2's picture
Derek Ruez Ph.D. Candidate sexuality, racialization, gender, migration, citizenship, global urbanism, planning and multiculturalsim, social and political theory
822 Patterson Office Tower
lsh237's picture
Lindsay Shade Doctoral Student, Teaching Assistant Legal Geography, Political Ecology, Latin America, Appalachia, Activism
818 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-0522
arga225's picture
Anna Gatewood Sharpe PhD Student, Department of Geography, Assistant Director, Academic Enhancement
306B Complex Commons
Cesmit5's picture
Christine Smith
818 Patterson Office Tower
mbsnid0's picture
Mitchell Snider PhD Candidate latino studies, Political Geography, Cultural Geography, Migration, Space, Gender, Belonging, Borders, Citizenship, Identity Formation & Social Difference
Lexington, KY
kwst223's picture
Kenny Stancil M.A. Student, Teaching Assistant historical-geographical materialism, uneven geographical development, capitalist urbanization, housing and the social relations of property and rent, geographical knowledges and geo-political-economic power/utopian geographies, critical GIS (using spatial data to map dispossession and to visualize suppressed commons), socio-environmental and spatial justice
818 Patterson Office Tower


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